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During the survey visit to the fish dock at Kariwada –Vasco, while interviewing the head-load workers, we found a boy named Shravan Kumar, who is 11 years of age. We discovered that he did not go to school, so we spoke to his father (Suresh Kumar) who was a native of Bihar, who had migrated to Goa 4 years ago, working as a driver in the fish dock and living with his son, along with four other head load workers, in 1 small rented room!

Suresh told us that for the past 6 months Shravan had been in Goa. He brought him because he was very mischievous and was not studying, so he wanted to put him in a Goa School. However, he couldn’t be admitted because Shravan did not have a Leaving Certificate from the previous school in Bihar. Shravan was studying in the 3rd standard in Bihar. Being 11 years old, as well as backward in studies, the Schools that Suresh approached were not prepared to admit the child in Std. 4 or to promote him to Std. 5. Being a Migrant, there was nobody to help him, because of which his request was unheard.

Our Migrant Desk workers understood the situation and took the initiative to help Suresh in getting Shravan admitted to School. We personally visited 3 Schools, but the problem remained. We finally approached the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Department Head and explained the situation to her. She immediately spoke to the ADEI to grant the admission through RTE (Right to Education).

With her recommendation and after a long process, we finally managed to get the child admitted in the Govt. School in Vasco – Goa.

Thus, with some effort, the Migrant Desk team managed to make a difference in a child’s life and open the door to a better future for him.

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