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Who We Are About Us


Konkan Development Society (KDS), the Province Development Office (PDO) of the Province of Panaji (INP), covers the Konkan region of 3 states viz. Goa, 8 Districts of Maharashtra and 4 Districts of Karnataka. Established in 2005, KDS has been working in outreach programmes for the marginalized, the underserved and the needy. Children, youth, women and socially disadvantaged people are the focus of the KDS’s goal: ‘Transforming Lives for a Better Tomorrow.’

A dedicated and motivated Team of leaders, workers and donors strive to achieve this goal through Projects in Education, Skill Training, Women’s Empowerment, Child Care and Protection and Capacity Building.

In the course of our eventful journey of joyful giving, we have had many partners who share our vision and mission to “Transform Lives for a Better Tomorrow.”It is due to their spirit of generosity that we have been able to impact the lives of so many human beings and to enable and empower them to aspire to a better standard of life, for themselves and their families.


Konkan Development Society visualizes a community striving for justice and equality; a society where there is respect towards human rights and human values; a society where poor and marginalized communities become self reliant, self sustaining and empowered to take care of their own development.


KDS seeks to achieve the integrated development of communities, by building up the capacities of NGOs, civil society organizations and community based organizations, by enabling them to realize their hidden potential in social transformation through extension of support services like planning, networking, capacity building, research and documentation, development of programme linkages, training, monitoring and evaluation.

Transforming Lives, Fulfilling Dreams.

We strive towards creation of a just and equitable society, where there is respect towards human rights and human values.

We seek to achieve integrated development of communities by building up the capacities of NGOs, civil society, individuals and community based organizations.