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Celebrating the Feast of Don Bosco, at the Dabolim School

Celebrating the Feast of Don Bosco, at the Dabolim School

A Special Assembly was held on 30th Jan 2019, at Don Bosco School, Dabolim to celebrate the feast of Saint John Bosco, which is on 31st. Jan.

The Assembly began with the Morning Prayer led by Merciana Murmu from the HKG. The Headmistress, Mrs. Brenda D’Costa garlanded the picture of Don Bosco and lit a candle. Tr. Doris gave a brief introduction on the life of Don Bosco, his work with the young and his Salesian mission.

Tr. Priayanka prepared the children of Stds. III and IV for a skit on the ‘First dream of St. Don Bosco’ and did the narration. Through this skit she stressed on the point that, ‘not with blows, but with gentleness and kindness’ must we deal with those in the wrong.

The students of Stds. III and IV sang the song ‘We are the children of Don Bosco’.

Tr. Sandhya conducted a quiz based on the life of Don Bosco, which was open first to the children and then to the teachers. Many participated enthusiastically. Prizes were given to the winners by Brenda ma’am.

In order to encourage the children who were making an effort to do well in the Remedial classes, prizes and certificates were arranged by Tr. Raizel. Amit Lamani and Fayaz Nadaf from Std. II; Sadhana Jaiswar and Anjali Lamani from Std. III; and Nil Das and Rajesaab Nadaf from Std. IV received prizes and certificates.

The Assembly ended with sweets distributed to the children.

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