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Goa Institute of Management

Goa Institute of Management

KDS has become an integral part of us by touching all our lives in a special way. This journey has been very enriching and fulfilling in terms of not only contributing towards a social cause but also has given us immense satisfaction.

Having a comfortable work environment alongwith support from teachers & KDS staff made our learning more versatile. The opportunity of working with kids, interacting & having school time fun took us down our memory lane.

This nurtured the emotional responsibility which we had never realized would be in us throughout our academic years
Kudos, to the work done by KDS for the underprivileged children which needs to be appreciated, continued and supported by all for the ultimate betterment of the society.

We hope such initiatives continue to grow and more people keep on contributing for the social development in our country.

GIM Team

Anushka Saxena
Namrata Das
Omkar Singh
Sanskruti Gawde
Shrestha Agarwal
Tanima Bhattacharjee

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