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Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day was observed on the 10th of December at Don Bosco School, Dabolim.

Teachers- in-charge of the Assembly were Teacher Yeshwant and Teacher Dores. They made it simple for the children to understand, with the help of a skit, which showed how the girl child is discriminated against: not allowed to go to school, made to work at a tender age, how boys are given preference thus creating a feeling of rejection in the girl child.

Teacher Dores helped with the flash cards, which highlighted topics like Peace, Freedom, Equality, and Dignity. Each was displayed by a child and a brief explanation was given. Mother Theresa once said, “Peace begins with a smile. Smile 5 times in a day at someone whom you really don’t want to smile at, do it for peace.” In this way all the 4 flash cards were explained.

The notice board was done by Teacher Yeshwant for the week. The awareness of Human Rights was displayed on the board on the 5th of December, for the Teachers and children to read and discuss.

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