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It is an Annual awareness programme which is held worldwide from 1-7 August, to encourage breast feeding and improve the health of babies around the world. Keeping these goals in mind Dabolim Health Center in collaboration with Project Migrant Desk organized a programme for the mothers from the 4 surrounding Anganwadis.

The programme started around 10 am. The Chief Guests were Mr. Kamlakant Yadav (Sarpach of Dabolim), ICDS member Mrs. Deepali Dessai and Mrs. Madei from Sarava Shiksha Abhiyan. While the Counselor, Supriya of the Health Center explained the basic needs and importance of breast feeding, we from Project Migrant Desk also gave brief information that every mother should breast feed the child up to six months and after that supplemented breastfeeding can be given for one, two or more years. Breast feeding safeguards the child from the health problems, and diseases such as neonatal jaundice, pneumonia, cholera etc. This is not only with regard to a child, but the mother also remains healthy by preventing diseases like Breast Cancer. We also informed them that if any mother is not aware of certain things during pregnancy or post pregnancy, she can visit the nearby Aganwadis or the Health Center and get the desired knowledge..

At the end finally we addressed the crowd about our Migrant Desk project. We knew that these mothers belong to different areas in an around Birla / Vasco and sharing the work about our project can be a way of offering them the help they need. We also gave them awareness about the various schemes provided by the Govt. to the new born girl child so also the facilities provided in the nearby Aganwadis. Around 1.00pm the programmme ended after serving refreshments to the people.

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