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Nature Conservation Day

Nature conservation Day was celebrated in the Don Bosco Pre-Primary and Primary School Alto Dabolim on Friday 28th July, 2017. The Special Assembly was conducted by the Teachers in charge, Tr. Deepa , Tr. Kavita and Tr. Yashwant.

The Assembly started with a prayer, after which Tr. Yashwant gave a brief explanation about the meaning of and the need for nature conservation. It was followed by a song composed by him, titled ‘The Earth is My Home,’ sung by the students of Std. IV. Some of them were dressed as trees and animals.

Some students were asked to get medicinal plants and the use of same was explained to the children. The teacher also had brought some medicinal plants and he explained their use in our daily life e.g. lemon grass, aloe era, tulsi, turmeric, canscora, curry leaves.

Madam Brenda, the Headmistress, also said few words to the students, about how they can help in nature conservation. The Assembly ended with the planting of plants in mud pots by the students of Stds. III and IV .

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