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NRSTC Centres

NRSTC Centres

A helping hand and an understanding heart towards little learners give a solid base for growth. The 7 NRSTC Centres were vibrant, as Schools reopened on the 4th of June 2018. The Children were eager and happy to meet their old friends and to make new friends at the Centres. The Teachers were geared up with activities for the First Day at each Centre.

4 Centres are supported by Colorcon Asia Pvt. Ltd. : Baina, Bicholim, Chimbel and Zuarinagar (afternoon).

1 Centre is supported by Children Across Borders: Chimbel (morning).

2 Centres, one each in Zuarinagar and Colvale, where KDS is supported by Mrs. Charlotte Newnes and Mrs. Una Agnelo.


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