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Don Bosco Primary school, Dabolim celebrated the Annual Science Day on 28th February, 2018. Tr. Samidha gave a short speech on the rationale behind the observation of the day and highlighted its importance.

Tr. Yashwant and Tr. Natasha demonstrated a few scientific principles to the children such as inflating the balloon using vinegar and baking soda, the scattering of light, process of volcanic eruption, invisible ink and persistence of vision. Models of a helicopter, Rain Water harvesting system, Electricity passing through a metallic object, Solar system and Table lamp were prepared by some students under the guidance of their Teachers. Tr. Natasha made a model of a sound alarm that is triggered when two metals come in contact with each other.

Tr. Yashwant explained each experiment in detail and also educated the children about the various changes that take place in the environment naturally, that are sometimes mistaken for superstition.

The programme was well conducted and the students enjoyed themselves while also learning new things.

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