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On 11th August we celebrated Senior Citizens’ Day. The main aim of our programme was to support, honor and show appreciation to Seniors and to recognize their achievements, as also to make them aware of the various schemes available to them and the importance of making their Senior Citizen’s Card.

The Guest of the day was a professor from V.M Salgaonkar college of Law, Mr. Nagraj, along with the Vasco Free Legal Aid Cell students. Fr. Joe and Madam Lila were also present. The programme commenced at 3.00pm by welcoming the Senior Citizens from the Baina locality.

Prof. Nagraj explained to the people present about the various laws, schemes and benefits which they can avail of after they reach the age of 60. Every senior citizen should have an identity card which is known as a ‘Senior Citizen’ card. Some of the benefits are reservation of seats in public transport, fare concession up to 50% on land transport and 25% by airways, separate queues for senior citizens or first preference is given to them. In health related issues monthly checkups are available for Diabetes and Hypertension and every 3 months free general health checkups are conducted at the Primary Health Centers. He also told the audience how a person can enroll in the schemes like the Pension scheme, to avail of Rs 2000/- monthly, to every senior citizen who is registered under the Dayanand Social Security Scheme through the Directorate of Social Welfare Department. He also mentioned that if the people need any help with regard to their documents, they can approach the Migrant Desk project workers or the Free Legal Aid cell that will be available every Saturday at Vasco municipality from 3.00- 5.00pm.

Since the session was given in Hindi/Konkani and as the audience was mainly Kannada speaking, our Project Coordinator translated into Kannada for them.

At the end of the programme refreshments were served.

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